Is Dry Skin Brushing For You?

Some years ago, I received a luxe spa gift box. One of the items was a long wooden brush with very soft bristles. I thought it was a hairbrush, but it was too soft for my hair so I put it in a drawer. In a recent session with my massage therapist, she suggested I try dry skin brushing. She briefed me on the benefits, handed me some literature and said all I needed was a brush, holding one in the air. Ah, that’s what it’s for! If you are even slightly curious, here are a few key reasons toREAD MORE

Step Away From The 15X!

As long as I can remember, my mother has been the expert on eyebrow grooming. On Saturdays, there would be no less than 3 or 4 friends waiting their turn for her eyebrow shaping talents. She advised me through the years if I was plucking my eyebrows too thin, or not often enough. Now lately, I notice she may be a Tweezaholic. When I visit most times, she is in front of her 15X Magnifying Lighted Mirror plucking the annoying dark facial hair she can’t seem to keep under control. Other than theREAD MORE