Step Away From The 15X!

As long as I can remember, my mother has been the expert on eyebrow grooming. On Saturdays, there would be no less than 3 or 4 friends waiting their turn for her eyebrow shaping talents. She advised me through the years if I was plucking my eyebrows too thin, or not often enough. Now lately, I notice she may be a Tweezaholic. When I visit most times, she is in front of her 15X Magnifying Lighted Mirror plucking the annoying dark facial hair she can’t seem to keep under control. Other than the red flush from her lighted mega mirror, she is simply radiant. She laments the state of her skin, and I strain to find any of these embarrassing flaws. Mamma Mia!

The truth is, the naked eye cannot see the microscopic hair, which covers our face. The 15X will grossly exaggerate the size of our pores and turn the fairest peach fuzz into thick, dark, prickly… well you get the picture. It is best not to spend more than 5 minutes in front of a magnified mirror. Do what you need to do and no more. You may create real skin problems hunting down every enlarged pore, and unwanted hair. Leave it the professionals, i.e., your dermatologist, your aesthetician, etc. Just step away!

We realize operating tweezers doesn’t require a license, but here are helpful tips that are good to know:

1) Use a good pair of tweezers. This is your only tool, so it needs to work well! If your tweezers are sliding off it may take a lot more time to get the job done. Worse, sometimes a less than stellar pair will break hair off. If hair is breaking above or below skin’s surface instead of removing it out of the follicle, then it’s going to show up days later instead of weeks.
2) Wash face with warm water. You want skin nice and clean to avoid post hair removal breakouts. The warm water helps relax skin and hair follicle for easier removal. If you haven’t exfoliated recently, now is a good time to do so. Exfoliating removes the build up of dead skin cells and helps hair to point up for easier removal. Wipe off and pat dry to remove moisture.

3) Tweeze Hair. Stand in front of a mirror with good lighting. Natural lighting, such as a mirror by the window if it’s sunny outside and facing you is the best so you can see each and every hair. Hold skin firm with free hand, grab onto hair as close as you can near the skin and remove it in the direction that it grows.

4) Continue, with only the thick, dark hair first and see if that does the job.

5) Fine Tune. If the finer hairs are still bothering you then remove them too in the exact same way. If you’re having a hard time seeing them, apply a little baby powder to the area and the hair will be more noticeable. Dust off any hair with a towel to keep the place you’re working on clean and clear.

6) Soothe Skin. Apply your facial toner or some alcohol-free witch hazel. This helps prevent pimples and irritation. You can also apply your favorite facial moisturizer with a cotton square to keep skin looking soft. Ingrown hairs are also less likely to plague moisturized skin, especially where the hair is thicker. Like on the chin.

Important Tips:

1) Don’t dig tweezers into skin if you can’t grab the ultra short hairs. Wait until they grow out, which may be only a day or two. Otherwise you risk scraping up skin, which can turn into scabs or dark spots, and is often worse than the hair.

2) Invest in a good pair of tweezers. Tweezerman makes nice high quality tweezers in a variety of styles to meet your preference.

3) If you’re worried about pain, apply a numbing spray to a cotton swab or square and then to facial area. Make sure not to get near eyes.

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